Dr. Juli Mazi ND

is a licensed primary care doctor

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Dr. Juli Mazi ND is a licensed primary care doctor whose aim and passion is to empower her patients to heal. Dr. Juli Mazi ND believes in and holds deep respect for everyone’s innate ability to discover and find a path to their own well being. Dr. Juli Mazi ND earned her Doctorate in Naturopathy from the National University of Natural Medicine. Her clinical expertise includes: Naturopathic Medicine, Acute and Classical Homeopathy, Gynecology and Women’s Health, Acute Care, Geriatric care, Botanical Medicine, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Mood and Behavioral Medicine, Nutrition and Nutraceutical Medicine, IV Therapy, Injection Therapies, Pediatrics, Men’s Health, Digestive Health, Grief Recovery, Adjuvant Cancer Care, Autoimmunity, Metabolic Health and Weight Loss, and Environmental Medicine and Detox.

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Recent News

Whole-Foods Diet
September 13, 2022

Why Are Whole-Foods diet Important For Health?

When people talk about a whole-food diet, they typically refer to fruits, grains, and vegetables. For example, a skinless chicken breast is much healthier than a package of processed chicken nuggets. However, foods that have been processed lose many of the beneficial nutrients during the production process. Whole grains, for example, lose their bran and […]

How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones
September 6, 2022

How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Whether you suffer from low sex drive, mood disorders, or fatigue, hormonal imbalances can impact your everyday life. Fortunately, a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle can help restore balance and improve the health of your hormones. The proper diet will provide the nutrients necessary for your body to balance your hormones naturally. Limiting sugar […]

August 9, 2022

The Top 5 Foods for the Brain

Carbohydrates are essential for the brain. Our bodies do not store glucose but instead need a steady stream of it. Fortunately, there are foods that provide the brain with exactly the right type of carbohydrate. Instead of processed, refined carbohydrates, we should focus on eating foods with natural sources of carbohydrates like whole grains and […]

Immune System
July 20, 2022

Food That Helps Your Immune System

Besides fruits and vegetables, other foods can support the immune system. Some examples of foods with immune-boosting benefits are onions, garlic, salmon, and sunflower seeds. These foods also contain potent antioxidants and contain histamine-regulating properties. Also, ginger is packed with antioxidants and is an excellent choice for boosting the immune system. Low-fat dairy products, including […]

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